We often get asked if our waitlists can be set up to collect custom info from list members — info like “favorite color” or “gamer username” or “sister’s husband’s cousin’s middle initial”. The answer is an unequivocal YES!

We think we’ve covered all the bases with the types of forms you can build…

  1. Single line — perfect for getting a short answer
  2. Paragraph — great for when you need to collect a bit more information from a list member (We are looking at you, dog breeders!)
  3. Checkboxes — excellent for multiple choice
  4. Multiple choice — when you need them to choose a single option from more than one choice
  5. Dropdown menu — for when you have many options to choose from
  6. Date picker — perfect for allowing list members to select dates from a calendar (date blocking coming soon!)
  7. URLs — for when you need to ensure a URL is entered; don’t worry we take care of validation
  8. Numbers — for when you need to collect a number value; we do the validation so you will always get a number entered

Here’s how to set up custom form fields

Step 1: While viewing the create or edit waitlist form, scroll to the requirements section with the question “What info do you need from people who join your list?”

Step 2: Click the button labeled “+ Add a custom field” and select one of the types in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Enter your question or prompt that you want the users to see. You can also add extra instructions to some fields by entering placeholder copy.

Fields like multiple choice, checkboxes, and dropdown menus can have multiple options for your users to choose from.

Your form is now ready for sign ups!

When a list member completes your form, the data they entered is ready and waiting next to their other information on the Manage page.

With a free account, you can add one custom form field. If you need more than one, we recommend you get a Premium account.