Our mission: 

We started Waitlistr to make it easy for people to manage demand and build desire for their products and services. Managing requests can be a challenge when you're offering something but the demand is bigger than your supply. It can be an even bigger challenge when you're managing your requests using tons of different apps. Waitlistr removes these struggles through a simple waitlist experience that just works. Read on to understand the features we offer.


  1. The power of viral waitlists

    Social sharing has been shown to be an effective marketing tactic. We recognize that by giving you the option to turn viral sharing on or off when creating your list. Turn it on to reward list members for sharing and getting people to sign up for your list. Turn it off if you don't want your list members doing any of that.

  2. Flexible list types

    A key to running an effective list is creating one that makes sense for what you offer. We offer the ability to create a giveaway list or a standard list. In addition, you can apply options to both types of lists. Don't want too many people joining your list? Put a cap on it. Don't want the world to know about your cool thing? Make the list private.

  3. Custom fields

    Using our customizable fields, you can control what kind of information you collect from your signups. You can set up multiple choice options, dates for scheduling, number boxes – we got them all. 

  4. Accept payments

    We understand how important how it is to get paid. Waitlistr allows to you take money from your signups securely and easily. They can pay while signing up for your list, or you can invoice them after they've joined your list. Once they pay, you can take that money straight to your bank account.

  5. Let people join from your webpage

    Create a custom widget with the press of a button. Paste that widget onto your webpage. Watch as your signups roll in.

  6. Export list data

    Finished with your waitlist but want to keep the data you collected? You sure can! It is as simple as clicking a link, waiting for the download to complete, and opening the file.