The word “viral” went from being the least to the most desired in a span of a couple of years. That is why your faithful team at Waitlistr wants you to know how to spread your waitlist as far and wide as possible. Read below for some tips that have worked for other Waitlistrs like you:

  1. If you post your waitlist link on your Facebook page, make sure you “pin it” to the top so as people post on your wall, the waitlist link will remain at the top and your customers won’t have trouble finding it. 
  2. Ask a couple of your close friends and/or family members to repost the list, you never know who from their network might be interested. You can even incentivise your list members to share your list by reminding them that if they do, they will move up in the waitlist faster.
  3. If you are member of Facebook Groups that might be interested in your product ie. Mom Groups or a specific Gym group in your neighborhood, post it there (be careful that it doesn’t go against the group’s page restrictions).
  4. Make your waitlist standout from your website. Embed the waitlist sign up on your website. Here is how to do it <link video>
  5. Make sure you post the waitlist link in ALL of your social media platforms, including Linkedin.

If the last point has you in a sharing frenzy, make sure to share this blog post. You never know, another small businesses honcho like you may be in need of a demand-management tool, like Waitlistr ?