The primary way you move up a list is when someone ahead of you gets removed by the list owner. In addition, list position is determined by the date and time a list member joined. For example, the first person to join a list is #1 on the list.

List specific settings can affect your position too!

You can move up or down a waitlist depending on a number of factors — almost all of them have to do with the way the list owner set up their list. Depending on what they selected while setting up their list it can affect the way you move up and down the list. Some settings allow you to move up quicker than other users by taking certain actions. You'll earn points for each actions, users with more points appear higher that those with fewer points. Check out the list below for more details.

  1. Confirming your email address

    Some lists are set to prioritize list members who confirm their email address ahead of those who don't. While this doesn't happen often, it is entirely possible for you to be bumped down, instead of a higher number than the one in your join email, if a someone who joined before you confirms their email address after you. One point is given to those who confirm their email address.

  2. Referring friends

    If a list has viral sharing turned on, the members of the list can share their referral code through social media and email to get their friends to sign up for the list too. These are called "referrals". One point is given for each person you get to join the list. You can accumulate an unlimited number of referral points, so share with everyone. Keep in mind you must be a member of the waitlist AND use your referral link to receive credit for referrals.

  3. Adding a payment

    Many waitlists have payments turned on. Payments can be set to required or optional by the list owner. If a list has an optional payment, list members who pay when joining the waitlist are moved ahead of those who have not. The same applies for users who paid an invoice after joining the list.

Seeing points in action

We aim to be as transparent as possible with how users are positioned on any given list. As long as a list owner has not set their list to private, you will be able to view the top 10 list members and their point details by going to the list URL and clicking on the Members tab. Once the Members tab loads, hover over over each user's points to see a detailed breakdown.

If you are a member of the list, you can view your own personal points by logging into your Waitlistr Dashboard and then hovering over your position in the Lists You're On section.