If you've logged into the website recently, you'll notice that the dashboard looks a little... different. 

Your eyes aren't fooling you—we decided it was time for a refresh.

Let's take a look at some of the new aspects of "Dashboard 2.0"

Image of the new dashboard with callout bubbles.

1. Tabs, Tabs, Tabs

All your lists, list memberships, and faves are still there—they're now on separate tabs for a cleaner look.

2. Filter by Status

Want to focus on your open lists or closed lists? On the Lists You Own tab, you can now filter by list status. 

3. No More Digging for Info

Each list you own will show the most critical information for a list owner: 

  • How many people are on your list
  • Total number of list members that have ever been on your waitlist (current and removed)
  • Maximum number of list members you can have across all your lists
  • How much money you've collected from your list members (if you have p2p enabled on your list)
  • Number of transactions that have occurred on your waitlist (if you have p2p enabled on your list)

4. More View Options

Don't want to look at tiles on the screen? No problem. You can arrange the lists to display as rows.

5. Feature Announcements

Never miss out on a new feature! Look to this box for a brief overview of the new feature along with a link to a KB article describing it.