Often times you need to issue a refund to someone who has sent you money. This happens for various reason and we’ve made the process as painless and as easy as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions about refunds — as always please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions if yours isn’t answered below!

What do I do when a customer requests a refund?

Sometimes you will see a notification in your payments page that shows a customer has requested a refund. To initiate the process just click the “refund” button in the same row. You will get a popup window asking you to confirm and submit.

How long does it take for a refund to process?

We submit refund requests to your customer’s bank or card issuer immediately. Your customer sees the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank. Once issued, a refund cannot be canceled. We’ll also send an email to your customer notifying them of the refund.

What happens when I have a negative balance?

Sometimes, if you refund charges or receive a chargeback, your available balance from recent charges may not be enough to make up the difference. In this case you’ll end up with a negative balance, and one of the following will apply:

  • If your bank account is in Australia, Canada, the UK or the US, we’ll initiate a withdrawal back from your bank account to cover the negative balance. This will show up in your dashboard as a withdrawal with a negative amount, and in your bank account as a debit. This withdrawal will be created the next day in Australia, Canada, or the US and in three business days in the UK—even if you’ve chosen to receive payouts on a weekly or monthly basis. Withdrawals will not be delayed in accordance with your regular payout schedule.
  • If your bank account is in continental Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Mexico or Brazil we don’t currently debit your bank account to cover negative balances (although we plan to in the future). For now, the negative balance will stay in your account, and subsequent payments accepted with Stripe will go towards paying off the difference. We’ll start sending payouts to your bank account once you’ve received sufficient payments and your available balance has become positive again.

We recommend contacting your bank directly to confirm whether it may restrict debits to your bank account, as this can affect your ability to receive payouts successfully.