We use Stripe, an online payment processor, to power our payments feature. To increase security and be compliant with new global payment requirements, Stripe recently made changes to the way their integration works. We took the opportunity to make it easier for you to set up and collect payments from your list members.


If you previously completed your banking setup before March 22, 2020 you will need to migrate to the new account type. It is really simple to do, just follow the steps below.


1. Log into your Waitlistr Dashboard and look for the box that says "Money" and click the "Migrate Account" button.

2. The "Migrate Account" button should take you to a Stripe interface. Follow the directions there.

3. If Stripe has has migrated your account successfully, you will be redirected back to Waitlistr and see a success message. Click the Dashboard link.

4. On your Dashboard you should now see a new button called "Manage Stripe Account" in your "Money" box. Use this to view transfers or update any of your bank account information.


You're all set! Thank you for using Waitlistr to run your waitlist and collect payments!